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Beverly Hills • Palm Springs
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An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a cosmetic procedure designed to remove excess skin, fat and stretch marks as well as tighten the deep muscles (core) of your abdomen. A protuberant pudgy lower abdomen can be a cause of great frustration for both women and men alike. A flabby “weak” looking abdomen may portray an “out of shape” persona to an otherwise attractive in shape person. A flabby abdomen may even make someone in their 20′s look middle aged or older. Loose abdominal skin and muscle that has been permanently overstretched (from previous weight fluctuations, pregnancies, etc) may simply no longer respond to dieting or even aggressive exercise routines. For some, cosmetic abdominoplasty is the ultimate solution to achieving a pleasing abdominal contour.


It is important for those searching for a tummy tuck surgeon to realize that all tummy tucks are not created equal. Although the fundamentals of the procedure are somewhat universal, it is the fine technical artistic details that distinguish Dr. Hayduke’s tummy tuck approach from others.


Dr. Hayduke works closely with his clients to analyze their preferred underwear and swimsuit style to create the most strategically located final scar position. No matter who performs your tummy tuck procedure, a permanent lower abdominal scar will always exist. The location of the scar is therefore paramount. Dr. Hayduke custom tailors the incision based upon his client’s unique anatomy, personal preference and underwear/swimsuit style choices. His tissue excision pattern removes as much hanging skin, fat, and stretch marks as he deems possible.


An integral part of Dr. Hayduke’s technique is tightening your weakened and separated rectus abdominus muscles – known as rectus imbrication (strengthening your core). Surprisingly, some surgeons skip this step entirely. Since it is performed on the deep inner muscle layer, you would probably never truly know if your surgeon simply skipped this step. It also takes significantly more time to perform this additional maneuver properly. Dr. Hayduke meticulously tightens your loose (separated) abdominal muscles with permanent sutures – in a double layer reinforcing fashion. This tightening and flattening of the foundation (core) of your abdomen improves your ultimate cosmetic result.


After excising your excess loose hanging skin, fat and lower abdominal stretch marks, your remaining skin is tucked over your freshly tightened abdominal muscles. The next step is to bring out your bully button (umbilicus) through the tucked skin. The belly button stays attached to the original deep layers of your abdomen, but it is now brought through a new opening. Dr. Hayduke believes that the belly button is the visual center of the abdomen; hence it deserves extra special attention – especially for his Southern California beach loving clients. The skin near the belly button should be relatively smooth and tight. A pleasing shadow should be created in the depths of the umbilicus. The precise final location and dimensions (width) of the umbilicus skin opening itself requires careful consideration to achieve the desired youthful look. Special intricate skin trimming and suturing techniques are used. Dr. Hayduke firmly believes that “it’s all the details” when it comes to achieving a true high quality tummy tuck result.


Since a cosmetic tummy tuck is not covered by health insurance, many surgeons from different specialties will try to capture you as a tummy tuck client. We feel that the first and most important recommendation is selecting a formally trained PLASTIC SURGEON who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).

Although it is hard to believe, in the state of California, your surgeon does not need to be a formally trained plastic surgeon or board certified by the ABPS in order to perform a tummy tuck. Board certification is simply not mandated. Any licensed medical doctor (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) from any specialty can legally perform a tummy tuck as long as the patient signs the consent form for the procedure. It is left up to the patient to actually double check if their surgeon is actually board certified by the ABPS by visiting and clicking/tapping on the “is your surgeon certified” tab. It is very easy to be confused by other official sounding boards and certifications posted on ads and websites.

To find out if your potential surgeon holds any board certification (formally recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties) in any specialty whatsoever, we suggest you visit and discover which SPECIFIC board certification (if any) your potential surgeon actually holds. We highly suggest that you choose a surgeon board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery if you are thinking of having PLASTIC SURGERY on your abdomen – it only makes sense. Visiting is also a way to find out which specific specialty your potential surgeon was truly trained in – rather than relying upon slick ads with confusing phrases that may indirectly (and falsely) suggest certification in plastic surgery.

Once you are assured that your potential plastic surgeon meets this very important standard of formal training in plastic surgery, then you can determine if they are truly the right tummy tuck surgeon based on your own personal consultation with the doctor and a careful review of the doctor’s past tummy tuck work. Take your time, do your own research (do not rely solely upon advertising or upon your friend’s research) and make your choice wisely. Dr. Hayduke is a meticulous, properly credentialed, highly-skilled and artistic tummy tuck surgeon. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is one of the most common body contouring procedures that Dr. Hayduke performs.


Tummy Tuck Palm Springs
The horizontal abdominoplasty scar is located underneath the white underwear strap. Actual patient of Dr. Andrew Hayduke.
Palm Desert Tummy Tuck
The horizontal abdominoplasty scar is located underneath the white underwear strap. Actual patient of Dr. Andrew Hayduke.
Rancho Mirage Tummy Tuck
The horizontal abdominoplasty scar is located underneath the white underwear strap . Actual patient of Dr. Andrew Hayduke.
Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills
The horizontal abdominoplasty scar is located underneath the underwear strap. Actual patient of Dr. Hayduke.
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